Weekend Rally in the Cotswolds

Members of the Beaulieu One Hundred set off from their various locales to meet up with each other for a weekend Rally in the Cotswolds.

Unfortunately, the rain decided to join them for the weekend as well, which rather spoilt the fun for everyone planning on bringing out their special cars.
A visit to a car restoration in South Cerney was planned for them on the Saturday morning, and after lunch, they moved on for a tour of a local brewery, where much fun was had.
I then met up with the members and we were all chauffeured to the Weighbridge Inn, where a delicious dinner and more fun was had! A “2-in-1” pie? Who would have thought! Utterly delicious!
After breakfast on Sunday, we all met up again. The rain decided to part company with us at this stage – as did I. The members continued with a visit to the Classic Motor Hub in Bibury, before wending their way back home!

Michael writes…
May I start by thanking you for arranging a lovely weekend, Jane and I really enjoyed driving around in our old Mercedes and visiting the unique and incredibly interesting attractions. I was mesmerised by Keith at South Cerney Engineering – what a wonderful business! They must be one of the world’s top car restorers having old world attention to detail which most people have forgotten about long ago. It was a real treat to see such perfection and the cars of course.
I was equally impressed by the Classic Car Motor Hub at Bibury, one of the private collections being stored was frankly quite magnificent with some of the world’s best cars on show.
Jane and I cannot thank David and Mary Shaw enough for arranging dinner at Mary’s Pub and Restaurant the Weighbridge Inn. They must bake and serve the best pies on the planet.
Kindest regards, Michael
And from Doug…
Dear David,
Thank you SO much for your tremendous planning and execution of a terrific weekend!
Joyce and I had a ball, and the weather didn’t detract at all…
We loved meeting yourself and Mary, and some of the other “real characters” in the B100.
Our accommodation was first class, Iain did a splendid chauffeuring job, and please thank Mary and her staff for the lovely food and service on Saturday evening.
We look forward to seeing you again soon – hopefully next month at the Dinner
Thanks again, Doug.

Now for my next trick… See you all at the Dinner on the 6th!

And this late post in from Steve & Michael …
Hi Heather,
A big thank you for a really enjoyable weekend, the organisation was 1st class and all guests friendly and courteous, it was obviously great to meet some old faces (friends) again.
Boy, wouldn’t we all like to drive Nailsworth Ladder everyday. South Cerney Engineering is a step back in time, what an experience and like all hosts, when people speak with passion, guests are in awe.
What can I say about Uley Brewery, real entertainment and a great glass of beer or two. We really enjoyed Saturday night and I thought the meal at The Weighbridge Inn was the best of the weekend. Thank you Mary.
The Classic Car Hub is mind blowing and I am sure we all enjoy a local venue like that. Again, the hosts were brilliant and to my astonishment in the sold car area a Jaguar XK120 DHC, BJM 200. This was one of my fathers classic cars, Dad passed away in 1990 and I have only seen her twice since.
So looking back, our next weekend away has a lot to live up too, so let the planning begin. Lastly, a big thank you to David, he is a star man!

All the best, Steve & Michael

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