The Robert & Tanya Lewis private car collection

Robert Lewis is an art collector. Except his art of choice is cars, and it all started with a beautiful black Mercedes 300SC bought as a 2nd choice in a Bonham’s Auction in Monte Carlo.
Robert and Tanya started collecting in 2005 after switching their passion for sailing to cars, and Robert readily admits he sees them as art in automotive form.
One of our members Wai Man Cheung – who brought along his friend Rich Pearce, a professional photographer and who supplied the pictures for the blogpost – gives us an idea of how the day went below!
“Well this was an absolute not to be missed collection of not just cars but so much memorabilia and historical artefacts that I found it hard to contain my excitement. The event was well attended and I will certainly be going again as frankly you need a lot of time to take it in. Where can you even attempt to begin what is on show here, it is a unique collection of historical and modern cars and everything Robert introduced us to, had a fascinating story to go with it.
As we entered the first building, your eyes fell upon a Koenigsegg Agera R that was a magnet for our members and Robert later asked if I would like to sit in it, no need to ask again and wow what a cabin just beautifully designed. The story behind this purchase brought laughter and smiles and then he got his son Zach to start her up and moved her outside for some clear photos.
Back to the collection and some of the other stars, an amazing Lagonda, which I believe he said was the only one in this condition, and he races her at Le Mans Classic, a true piece of history in this car, which is as new.
Let me tell you about the collection and Roberts view, which I must say fits well with me. Whatever he has in the museum he will restore to its original new condition, no patina on his paintwork or engines just like newborns. These are his works of art and there seems to be no stopping him adding to the collection, as a “Porschefile” I would love to see some 911s in the collection. However, he does have a fabulous Porsche tractor that he said flies along, so he is on the right track.
Petroleum pumps, who knew they could look so sexy and grab so much interest in our members, the collection is truly unique with Shell and other Petroleum brands and one of my favourite pieces were Michelin Tyre inflation machines with Michelin man holding a hose from his mouth.

Honestly, I cannot do the collection enough justice in these few words; just don’t miss it next time and maybe we can have a day there.
Robert and Tanya are perfect hosts and are clearly full of life, we heard about their racing antics and Tanya driving Robert off the track at a historical race. He also told us he passed the 200 mark recently in the Agera, but Zach did 240 on an airfield. Of course.”
Wai Man Cheung
Thanks to Wai for the feedback and to Rich for the photographs!

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  1. Bob says:

    What a truly amazing place i would love to be able to go there.


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