Bentley Experience

Crewe is not recognised for its cultural zing.
However, it does have history. With Crewe being so…. overlooked, it was the perfect place to have an off the map ‘shadow’ factory in the 1930s, as Britain readied itself for war.
From making the Merlin engines that powered great planes, the redbrick factory has now transformed within, and for anyone wishing to own a Bentley, is the ultimate pilgrimage.
And so, early in the morning of the 20th April, a large group of members made their way to Bentley, to find out more about what went on behind the humble façade.

The Bentley experience covered every aspect of a Bentley’s journey before it actually touches down and starts its actual journey on the road.
Manpower, with few robotics, work to transform the bare shells to the finished showroom ready machine. Most of the vehicles on the line, if not all, are to client specifications. Such attention to detail is not a problem to the team that works here, and it was nice to see that the manufacturing process still requires a human skill force.


Understanding the detail that goes into a bespoke design, and some of the owner’s requests, all made for a fascinating tour! From the engines, veneers, paint finishes, and leather trim, to matching the colour of the paintwork to a button, or the leather trim to a certain shade of nail varnish, right down to witnessing the marriage of the body to the engine – nothing is impossible at Bentley.

As Bentley themselves say, a Bentley is a collection of precision components and luxurious materials, but, above all, it is the individuals who make the car.

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