Our first virtual event!

Hill’s Angels – Under the Bonnet – with Doug Hill

On the 10th November, in front of an intimate audience of about 30 Beaulieu 100 members, councillors and trustees of the National Motor Museum Trust, we launched our first virtual event, Hill’s angels, Under the bonnet with Doug Hill, in a somewhat quiet museum*.

Lord Montagu set the tone dressed in his finest dinner jacket in front of a roaring log fire and greeted the members, empathising with them for not being able to make the most of their social programme this year.

Usually the venue for the annual dinner and auction that members were unable to attend this year, they sat back in the confines of their homes instead, raised a glass to each other, and waited for the evening to unfold.

The ‘Angel’ in question was the Blower Bentley! Doug spent half an hour regaling his audience with stories of his relationship with the car, what lies under the hood of this beautiful car. Only 50 of them were made. A hulking 47cwt in weight, around 240 bhp in race trim, 4.5 litre, 1930 beauty, that reaches a top speed of around 115mph. It was donated by Lord Montagu’s father, Edward Lord Montagu in 1972 for the opening of the National Motor Museum. It’s value now, would be around £4.5million. The last half hour was set aside to answer members questions.

The members hung on Doug’s every word and the feedback at the end of the evening echoed a resounding success and I am sure this signals that this is just the first episode of many Hill’s Angels and other such virtual events!

Pit crew
Host: Lord Montagu – best dressed!
Presenter: Doug Hill – or should that bepresenstar’!
Lights, camera: Amy Rivers – well held!
Action: Heather Jackson + Richard Morgan – Driver + Navigator!

Note: Nobody was harmed in the performing of this event.
• Social distancing of 2m was observed at all times by those present or 1m + when wearing a mask. Signage was in place as a reminder.
• A predetermined route around the vehicle was planned to ensure the production team knew where each other were standing at any given time during the filming, making social distancing easier.
• Those not on camera wore B100 face masks throughout.

* Another thing….

Whilst we were filming this, we were surrounded by vehicles swaddled in dust covers and protective sheeting, just rows of mummified cars, and I was struck by the surreal situation we are in, and a stark reminder how important your support is in keeping the museum from becoming a mausoleum.

Thank you Beaulieu One Hundred members!

If you missed this fabulous event – don’t worry – we’ve flipped the bonnet for you to take a look here!

But! Be sure not to miss out on the next one, which will be Lord Montagu’s Christmas Message at 6pm on 12th December! Keep your eyes peeled next month, as we have some elves working on delivering a special package for you to receive especially for this event!

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