Unique timepieces from BRM pistons

The National Motor Museum Trust is offering a unique opportunity to support the ongoing restoration of its 1950 BRM V16 racing car with the chance to own one of 14 limited edition timepieces constructed from its original pistons.

The historic pistons were part of the supercharged engine during its heyday, when the car was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Reg Parnell, but now have to be replaced if the engine is to be restored to running order.

To create the timepieces, a specially commissioned Christopher Ward Swiss-made clock will be mounted to the ‘big end’, with the clock face design replicating those of the BRM’s oil pressure gauge. The piston will be set on a brass and polished hardwood base and fitted by a specially made brass gudgeon pin to create the unique keepsake. Each connecting rod is numbered from its original manufacture.

For more information email BRMClock@beaulieu.co.uk or see http://nationalmotormuseum.org.uk/support-us/brm-timepieces/

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