Annual Dinner – Guest Car – 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV

In the 1960s Beaulieu was famous not only for its cars, but also for its Jazz Festivals.

So at our third Annual Dinner, with the Best of Beaulieu theme, we had the perfect excuse to showcase this stunning 1972 Lamborghini Miura.


“Why? What’s the connection?”   I hear you ask.

Well, in 1972, Rod Stewart bought himself a new Lamborghini – this one!

We like to think he was able to treat himself tob100_270914_0137-ed this amazing car with the royalties from his hit single “Maggie May”, which went to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart in October 1971 while simultaneously topping the charts in the US – a song that Rod claims was inspired by an older woman he met at the 1961 Beaulieu Jazz Festival, when he was just 16. . .

. . . and if you know the words to the song you will know they did more than just ‘meet’!

b100_270914_0046aAs it was the world’s fastest production car of the time, with a top speed of 170 mph, one of only 7 right hand drive SVs produced, plus a few optional extras including air conditioning (which was a rarity on a GT car) and a radio/cassette with a recording function – this was one very special car.

. . . .So all in all, you could say Rod has a lot to thank Beaulieu for!

And we have a lot to thank the Beaulieu One Hundred member who loaned us this superb and immaculate car for the night.


As do all the guests at the Annual Dinner who took advantage of this unique opportunity to have their picture taken with the car.


b100_270914_0059-editedIt may be over 40 years old but this amazing car is completely original, with all matching numbers and exactly as it was delivered to Rod Stewart in May 1972.

Technical Details                                  

Double Overhead Cam
3929 cc
385 BHP
Top speed 170 mph

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Coming soon – Find out who received the latest Beaulieu One Hundred Award – and why!

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