Tour of Hexagon Classics

November 2021 – Arranged and organised by WaiMan Cheung, he tells us about the day below.

We had a fantastic afternoon at Hexagon all hosted by Jonathan Ostroff (Jono), a fellow member of the club, and Paul Michaels the Chairman. We learnt about the history since 1963 and their passion for road and race cars. They focus on finding the rarest cars from around the globe and specialise in Porsche (air cooled) but have an eclectic mix in the showroom of anything from Ferraris to a rare Zagato.

The tour was attended by 8 members including Jono and after coffee and a chat in reception the walk around the amazing collection started and it is fair to say we were blown away with the range of cars and the immaculate condition they are in. You can see from the photographs the incredible setting and presentation. They have a number of artworks and sculptures that please the eye and all motoring and racing focused.

After the showroom tour we had a great lunch in their new Engine Rooms restaurant, which serves something for everyone. Definitely the fish and chips were the favourite choice and looked delicious. I would recommend a visit to sample their food if you are in the Highgate area of London.

Following lunch we moved up the road to their workshops and restoration areas and again were delighted with the cars and craftsmanship their passionate team have. To see behind the scenes was truly a special treat for us all. In fact they had to drag us away in the end.

A big thanks from the council and members, we could not have spent a better afternoon socialising with friends.

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