The Glamour of the Auburn

At the end of January, Doug Hill, Chief Engineer and Museum Manager, treated members to another fabulous Hill’s Angels zoom under the bonnet, where he talked about another of his favourite vehicles in the National Motor Museum collection, the 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster.

We all love a story about Hollywood… however, he dispelled the myth that our Auburn was once driven by Marlene Dietrich. Oh well…

We had over 65 in the audience as we were joined by our Friends membership, who like us all, have not had a speakers programme to attend for some time.

We also had a furry interloper! Ozzy – The Motoring Vizsla – stayed for the whole session and didn’t miss a moment! 😊

Mary Montagu Scott rounded up the evening reminiscing about her journeys in the Auburn with her father and ended by thanking all the members for their support.

Once again a delightful evening, and if you missed it, don’t worry – here is the link – so pour yourself a drink, get comfy, and sit back and enjoy!

Next month! We will be taking a walk through the motorcycle gallery to talk 2 wheels.
Keep an eye out for an invitation that will be landing in your inbox soon.

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