Driving the Silver Ghost

At last year’s Beaulieu One Hundred Annual Dinner, I was fortunate enough to win the auction to drive one of the cars from the National Motor Museum.

The one I was originally intended to drive was unfortunately off the road and as an alternative I was offered the 1909 Silver Ghost; not exactly a disappointment!

I arrived with my son Ash and a friend on a bright and sunny day.  A very comprehensive tour of the car took place in the Museum, including the starting procedure where a new penny has to be put under the choke to open it the correct amount.  When cold it needs an especially delicate touch on both the throttle and the accelerator.  However, by the time it was my turn to drive it had warmed up and was a little more forgiving.

M Waller driving Silver Ghost

We were able to do a good number of laps of the Beaulieu grounds, to the delight of both those on board and the day’s visitors to the Attraction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will no doubt be tempted to bid again if a similar opportunity comes up.

Glad you enjoyed the day Michael and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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  1. Mike Timmins says:

    You look the part Michael – to the manor born.


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