Perry Margouleff visits Beaulieu

Earlier this year I was invited to Join the Beaulieu One Hundred by my friend Niall Holden. As I live in America, I thought to myself “Why would I join something that I will have very little chance to participate in?” But Niall is rather persuasive so I joined anyway.

Two weeks ago, I had the good fortune of visiting Niall in Winchester. He was off to go fly fishing with my recording artist, Thom Chacon, and suggested that I take his 1961 Bentley S2 Continental and drive down through the New Forest to Beaulieu for a visit. I took him up on the idea. It was a beautiful day and the drive was fantastic.

I was given a royal tour of the Museum and workshops by Museum Manager, Doug Hill and saw just how amazing the Collection and attention to detail is in the Beaulieu Collection. Afterwards, I got a tour of the house and thought “This is it, I’ll just move in and work on cars full time.”

I suggested to Heather, who looks after the Beaulieu One Hundred, that I would be happy to participate and help in any way I can in advancing the cause of the National Motor Museum and suggested that digitizing their extensive library as an online resource would be one way to bring the world closer.

I look forward to any and all possibilities related to doing interesting things with the Beaulieu One Hundred.

I will soon be off to Monterey, where I will be displaying six original Meyers Manx dune buggies, including the first one ever made, with Bruce Meyers, the creator, in honor of the 50th anniversary. I understand that another Beaulieu One Hundred member, Nick Mason, will be displaying a car there as well and I hope we get to meet.

My next trip to London will be in November to perform at the Royal Albert Hall with Paul Rodgers. We are doing a Royal Sessions show of all the music we recorded in Memphis. Paul and I are contributing the proceeds from this record to music education at The Stax Academy. I would love to have members of the Beaulieu One Hundred come to the show.

Perry Margouleff

Note from blog editor – We’re so pleased you enjoyed the visit – it was a pleasure to meet you.

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  1. Mike Timmins says:

    Great story Perry – Niall is persuasive as many other B100 members will attest. Glad that you got the tour and appreciate how important B100 membership is to helping the National Motor Museum. Help with digitizing the library would be amazing.


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