New Workshop Trainee

New Workshop Trainee working on the iconic Sunbeam 350 hp
New Workshop Trainee working on the iconic Sunbeam 350 hp

On 1st April 2014 the National Motor Museum Restoration Workshop at Beaulieu welcomed a new trainee – the first in many years.

Tim Edgerton, 23, is not new to Beaulieu having worked both in Visitor Services and Living History as well as helping out at Beaulieu events. Tim is a hardworking and enthusiastic young man who has already impressed everyone with his proactive attitude and obvious commitment to Beaulieu.

The traineeship has only been made possible by the generosity of individual members of the Beaulieu One Hundred together with match funding from Beaulieu Enterprises. The apprenticeship will last four years and will enable the many years of specialist experience built up by the workshop team to be passed on to the next generation.

Chief Engineer, Doug Hill, said “When you add my years at Beaulieu with those of the Workshop team, we have over one hundred years of experience. We are looking forward to bringing in new blood so we can pass on our legacy of skills and knowledge, unique to Beaulieu and to our vehicle collection.”

Tim is keen to start, so keen he has already built up many hours in the workshop as a volunteer and is looking forward to building his career at the museum. He said “I don’t see myself leaving Beaulieu, I enjoy working here too much.”

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